Background Investigations

Who needs background investigations?

Businesses/ Employers - It goes without saying, no employer wants to hire someone who might steal from them or tarnish the company's reputation by improper behavior. Therefore, it makes sense to look into the past record of someone you are considering to hire. Unfortunately, new Federal and State laws and regulations have made some inquires illegal. It is essential to get a release from the perspective applicant giving permission to conduct a background investigation, and allow for criminal records to be checked. Our basic background investigation covers a criminal records search of the various courts within the jurisdiction where the applicant lives or has lived. In addition, we run a litigation/bankruptcy search which would give some insight, if anything is turned up, into the persons character. You should remember that the perspective employee is entitled to copies of these findings. A credit report (with the applicant’s permission) is often quite useful as well.

There may be instances where the foregoing reports reveal situations that should be checked further. This may require field investigations to interview neighbors and relatives.

Parents and Grandparents - Many Parents and Grandparents have misgivings about their children or grandchildrens current beau. Usually, he/she is so enamored with their significant other that they either excuse or doesn't believe some of the negative things that are brought to their attention.

A background investigation may reveal some significant details that prove they are an unworthy suitor. It is important to establish where the individual lived at least over the last 10 years to see if they have any significant roots in their community. Your peace of mind may make the fee well worth it.

Investors - Before investing money into a project or company, you would be well advised and know more about its history. Here again, just a litigation search of the principles and/or the company itself, may prove eye opening.


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