Locating People

We get many calls for private individuals looking to find either old friends, boyfriends, children, parents, etc. However, there have been some tragic occurrences over the past several years, when Private Investigators did an investigation, and provided a new address for a client, who ended up causing bodily harm and in some cases death of the individual they located. One notable example was a former TV Actress, Rebecca Schaeffer, who was murdered by a deviant person after getting Schaeffer’s address from a private investigator.

Today most reputable Private Investigators will not accept such an investigation except under certain parameters. One: we may accept the case if we can provide the address to their attorney (if they have one), Two: if we locate the person we can either ask them if it is okay to provide their address to our client, or if they refuse we can send a letter from the client to them, but not reveal the subjects address.

Case in point, I had an acquaintance at the health club where I belong, ask me to find his son. His son had returned from Iraq a year previous, but had not been in touch with him. I managed to locate him with the scant information provided, and he did not want to talk to his father. My client understood our position and sat on it for about a year. He then asked me to reach out to him once again. He had his estranged wife (son’s mother) call me from Russia and record a message (in Russian) to her son asking that he contact his father. I emailed that recording to the subject, and once again, he said not to give his father his address. The bottom line, for whatever reason, people have the right not to be found if they wish.

We would be happy to undertake an investigation from a private individual under the parameters detailed above.